Kingmakers Ops (August 2020)

Private equity for small businesses. Very solid investment thesis, but uncertain whether it’s venture backable. What technology are they building that lets them scale to buying and operationalizing dozens of businesses in the next 3-5 years? In addition, with a downpayment of $200k per business (leveraged,) how much capital will they need to get to $20MM in EBITDA per year?

TruckBux (August 2020)

“Bikeshare apps” for food trucks. For those who are uninitiated, bikeshare apps (Lyft, Citibike, etc.) have an app that shows you where bike docks are, how many bikes are available, pay for renting of bicycles, and other digital experiences with customers. Truckbux wants to do the same thing for food trucks, showing where they are, what their menus are, allow for pre-orders and payment, and also ultimately build a marketplace.

VasoGnosis (July 2020)

SaaS platform that wants to become the big data decision engine for doctors diagnosing aneurysms and making big medical decisions. Very early with no obvious product trying to launch in a heavily regulated, anti-innovation industry. Reminds me of Monogram in that it’s a highly speculative business model, but less scammy-vibes, more naivety and startup ignorance.