Fleeting (July 2020)

Uber for truckers. If it sounds like an idea that should have already happened, I’d say I agree. Concerns are why large, very well capitalized firms have not been able to solve this market, and why there doesn’t seem to be large progress in this world. Solid team that has good industry experience and generating revenue with relevant market.

ARdVRk (June 2020)

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) studio and distributor for medicine. The platform is called “Vital Recall.” Simply put: this company makes AR and VR experiences to help you visualize and understand the human body in a variety of settings, such as during clinical trial. Has revenue, solid valuation, large customers such as AstroZeneca and others.

CellarStash (May 2020)

Building a wine store by pursuing a custom Fulfilled-by-Amazon model. Believes that it can build a more lucrative business by letting wineries hold the inventory while they just drive the digital marketing/online pricing angle. Could be interesting depending on whether they’re actually eliminating a middle man (e.g. becoming a marketplace for wineries to sell their own goods,) or if they’re just becoming a more efficient middle man.

Reflections from 25+ deal memos

For better and for worse, the equity crowdfunding space continues to grow.  I’ve written about a lot of stuff on this personal website and blog, but the equity crowdfunding deal memos is what draws the most traffic. All of it is organic from Google. I am now result #5 and page one for Monogram Orthopaedics […]