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Narrative Questions for Employee/Interview

  1. What is this person’s story?
  2. Who is this person? Likes, dislikes, values?
  3. What has this person done? How does this align with their personality?
  4. Where did these experiences take place? In a large org? Small org? No org?
  5. When did this person come to this org and function? When would they like to progress to the next step?
  6. Why does this person do what she/he does? What meaning does she/he ascribe to all these actions and choices?

Sample Narrative for Employee/Interview

Elizabeth has a graduate degree in public policy and international relations. She is altruistically motivated, and enjoys having work that is highly aligned with her values. In addition to her work, she is active in her faith and attends a monthly group meet-up for female entrepreneurs in social impact. She really respects the work of companies like Kiva and GiveDirectly. 

Due to strong interpersonal skills, Elizabeth has previously worked in roles that are client facing and often very 1-on-1 such as customer success and business development. She is not the most tech savvy, so in order to succeed in this role, we’ll have to support her with additional training. 

Elizabeth’s previous work experience has been in bigger organizations of 500 employees or more. Working on our team of 50 or so will be good for her entrepreneurial interests, but could be overwhelming from how many hats she has to juggle. That said, she is really interested in the organization’s mission so the alignment should provide her sufficient motivation to grow.

To set Elizabeth up for success, the goal would be to give her as much work that exploits her strengths in stakeholder management and public affairs, while giving her chances to manage interns to find ways to grow as a professional. Comfort with technology may be a persistent weakness to support, whereas working on a smaller team may be a genuine growth opportunity for her.

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