Hi, thanks for visiting my website! My name is Muhan Zhang, this is my personal website and blog. Here I hope to share what I’m working on and my thoughts, especially what I’m learning.

I was formerly employee one and Chief Operating Officer on Andrew Yang’s 2020 presidential campaign: Yang2020. During my time on the campaign, I lead major business functions from technology and finance to legal compliance and operations management. From 2017 to 2020, the campaign grew 300x in fundraising, totaling $40 million in lifetime donations from 400k American donors, and had a team of 250+ in five states. I am currently writing a series about that experience on Medium and muhanzhang.com, but if you sign up for my mailing list here I also send out special early-access posts. Fair warning: I am no longer officially affiliated with any Andrew Yang enterprise.

Prior to Yang2020, I was a Venture for America 2015 fellow in Miami, FL, where I worked in software engineering and innovation management in high-growth startups. Starting in 2017, I started investing in startups as an un-accredited investor (read: I have less than $1MM in net worth) and have shared my deal memos here. Those posts seem to have gotten the most Internet traffic, so I will anticipate writing more and also as a vehicle for sharing my perspective on early-stage technology companies.

Outside of startups and venture, I also like thinking about the transferability of these concepts to other domains of life. While I think a lot about money: understanding how we make it, spend it, finance and invest it — I’m most fascinated in how we relate to it.

I’ve entertained sub-titling this blog: “Money, Real Estate, and the Good Life.” In an attempt not to pre-maturely optimize, I’ll leave it as is. Still, that sub-title is a pretty good taste of topics to come.

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Alternatively, I can also be reached at mail@muhanzhang.com and love mail.

What I’m Doing Now

I am writing a series on Medium about my experience starting, operating, and concluding the Yang2020 campaign in New York, NY.

I’m also currently reading books

  1. Why We Sleep — Matthew Walker.

Upon finishing the book, I publish a quick three paragraph review with a final recommendation for whether I think you should read it or not. If you’re interested in these recommendations, feel free to sign up for my newsletter or write me at mail@muhanzhang.com.

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