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Email Subject: Storytelling, spreadsheets, and startups.

I. Concept: No Numbers, No Investment

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Have you ever looked at a startup investing deal and felt overwhelmed? Between all the hype and fluff, you can easily lose hours of your time evaluating deals in the beginning. I for sure did. There are two ways to increase investment consideration efficiency:

  1. having a targeted portfolio size and diversification strategy, helping you alleviate the stress from any single deal, and
  2. looking at the financials of a company.

II. Concrete: How to find and read a financial statement from the most popular equity crowdfunding sites

Whether you’re searching for financials on the investing page, on a .pdf, or an .xlsx spreadsheet, my suggestion is to do a “control/command + f” searching for any of the terms: revenue, income, net income, MRR, ARR, burn, expenses, costs.

  1. SeedInvest (Solace Case Study)
  2. Republic (Swipeby Case Study)
  3. WeFunder (BlissDivorce Case Study)
  4. StartEngine (StartEngine Case Study)
  5. MicroVentures: No experience with deals, but if you have a deal you’re interested in, let me know and I’ll take a look.

III. Case Study: How it Informs My Investment Process

You’ll notice that I don’t invest in anything pre-revenue. In addition, I generally like to estimate the growth of revenue, though many financial statements report financials annually (so I use 2018 revenue versus 2019 revenue as a proxy.)

In addition to gauging revenue, looking at the financials also gives you a sense of how efficient a team is being. While gauging spending is more nuanced, depending on what you look for as an investor, it can give you a sense of how a team manages resources and what types of questions.

Two examples that demonstrate this concept from recent dealflow: TruckBux is a good example of a team with lean spending, while Contiq invested heavily (and had correspondingly heavy revenue gains in the year after.)

IV. Learnings from Deal Memos

  1. Elemeno: A company that checks many boxes, but ultimately, had too high of a valuation too high. In addition, at this stage, unconvinced that they had an engineering advantage as opposed to a sales advantage.
  2. BlissDivorce: A platform that I ultimately passed on, but was helpful for me seeing patterns in LegalTech. Writing deal memos help review patterns in my thinking, to myself, and building my investment theses.
  3. TerraCycle: a great example of a startup that seems promising at first, but upon financial analysis of dividend/purchase price, demonstrates that growth is too modest for venture funding.

V. Question for You

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