Introducing: the “Startup Investing” Premium Newsletter

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Looking to build a startup portfolio? Want to invest alongside me?

Introducing: the “Startup Investing” Premium Newsletter

“More practical, lucid and logical than VC/business blogs 100s of times as large.”

Max M, Reader of the blog

Every week, I’ll send subscribers a premium newsletter to exclusive content and deal alerts from my experience as a practicing startup investor. Newsletters are written to be inspiring, actionable, and fun. (Curious to read a sample? Click here.)

Unlike traditional venture capitalists (many of whom are my friends and colleagues,) I am only responsible for myself and my readers. This means I can share things that institutional investors don’t want you to know. Even on my blog, though, I can’t always share my inside knowledge on public channels. That’s what the premium newsletter community is for.

Why entrust me with time and attention, your most precious resources?

  1. Invest alongside me: I will write about deals I’m considering before they close on my newsletter. The “INVEST” decisions I invest publicly on my blog are all after the deal has expired. Subscribing to me newsletter means you can invest alongside me, if you so wish. You can look at my portfolio here, and objectively assess my successes and wins for yourself. I have invested alongside brand name accelerators (Y-Combinator, 500 Startups,) venture capital firms (Sequoia, Hone Capital, Andreessen Horowitz,) corporate venture arms (Ping’an Ventures, JetBlue Technology Ventures, CBS) and professional angel investors (Jason Calacanis, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk.)
  2. My entire career has been in startups and entrepreneurship. Most recently, I was first employee and COO of the Andrew Yang 2020 campaign for President.
  3. My knowledge is leveraged. I don’t claim to know it all. But if I don’t have answers, chances are good my network does. Subscribing to my newsletter means getting expert input from my network of founders, investors, and experts. This includes readers, and hopefully, you!

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