1. 10/16: First post on househacking.co, a blog that was meant to talk about how to run Airbnb businesses. At the time, I rented a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom single family home, and was renting the rooms to coding bootcamp students. Wrote a book manuscript for the Airbnb. Ultimately abandoned the blog. 


  1. 07/08: SeedInvest launches “Automated Investing” to me via email. 
  2. 09/15: First broke angel investment ever in WhereBy.Us


  1. 07/18: Deploy the first version of this blog, publish Investing 101. Writing broad topics about investment, money, startups, book notes/reviews, and entrepreneurship. Deployed the blog under my name so I could keep it flexible to write about whatever comes to mind. Start reading Calacanis’ Angel.
  2. 08/18: SeedInvest Auto Invest account funded.
  3. 08/29: Investing in 50 Startups post and WhereBy.Us deal memo
  4. 08/30: Invest in Inside.com
  5. Metrics:
  6. EOY: 21 posts, 12 of which are deal memos.
  7. 44 direct visitors, 6 organic search, 3 social. 


  1. 04/17: First reader who wrote to me at mail@muhanzhang.com with my Mailchimp auto-welcome. Extremely empowering. Found me via Hypersciences deal memo which got picked up by Google.
  2. 05/29: Published Broke Angels piece on Medium. Immediately curated on Medium and published to The Startup publication.
  3. 07/12: Published “How I Read and Learn in 2019” piece. Didn’t get much traction. Paused on Medium until 2020.
  4. Metrics:
  5. EOY: 20 posts, 16 of which are deal memos.
  6. 400 organic search, 263 direct, 122 referral, 75 social. 


  1. 01/09: Google recommended my Broke Angels piece to a venture capitalist and he reached out to invite me to their meeting. Didn’t see this until months later, however. First VC to VC connection from the Internet. 
  2. 04/10: Management 101 on Medium gets 10 fans. Expand back into writing about management and not just venture. First time deploying writing structure of pro bono editors and spending 3-5 hours per publishing on marketing. 
  3. ~04/22: Monogram Orthopaedics raises an astounding amount of money, I rank as result #4 on page 1 of Google, get ~2000 readers, signups, and people writing me. It becomes clear to me that one of the beachhead niches my blog can exploit is joining my work and investing experience to cover companies that are crowdfunding online. 
  4. 04/30: How to Run for President (of the United States) on Medium.
  5. 06/26: Building Yang2020: The Golden Days (Sept 2017 – June 2018)
  6. 07/20: Another VC reaches out, asking for intro’s to companies seeking larger investments. 
  7. 08/11: Get an email from a reader saying she found my website on Event Hollow comment. Get the idea to start posting deal memos in crowdfunding pages via comments.
  8. 3237 organic search, 1297 direct, 598 referral, 115 social. 
  9. 08/12: Set up a Buy Me A Coffee page for monetizing. 
  10. 08/17: Friend sends me link to Morning Brew with advertisement for Piestro and Graze.
  11. 08/18: Send customer discovery survey to 20 readers whom I’ve emailed back and forth. 
  12. 08/20: First time a friend gives me the idea that my network is ideal for finding readers of Startup Investing.
  13. 08/24: Launch the Startup Investing premium newsletter to the 20 readers, tune all messages to include links to sale. Goal is to get one sale by end of September.
  14. 08/26: First subscriber!!!!!!!!!!
  15. 09/02: Set goal of one subscriber a week.
  16. 09/03: First time polling for friend’s professional feedback on LinkedIn. Automated WordPress to LinkedIn.


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